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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

charles kelley lady antebellum

charles kelley lady antebellum. Charles Kelley and Hillary
  • Charles Kelley and Hillary

  • genshi
    Apr 6, 07:51 PM
    I recently did a little short film using my iPhone 4. I attached my Canon 50mm f/1.4 lens to it (so I can do rack focusing) using a 35mm adapter onto an OWLE Bubo (http://www.wantowle.com/). Here was the results:


    Would love to know what people think!

    Thought the video was pretty terrific even if I hadn't known it was shot on an iPhone. I've seen people with camera gear costing 10 or more times as much that couldn't touch the work you did.

    Looking forward to seeing more.

    Thanks musique! I just found out today that my short film won Second Place Grand Prize at the 2011 iPhone Film Festival (http://www.iphoneff.com/archives/2609). Made my day... :)

    @matteusclement I look forward to seeing what you come up with using your new gear... I too am wanting to do a documentary next.

    charles kelley lady antebellum. But Lady A#39;s Charles Kelley
  • But Lady A#39;s Charles Kelley

  • Xavier
    Aug 8, 09:03 PM
    I like the "wooden" looking ones

    charles kelley lady antebellum. Lady Antebellum#39;s Charles
  • Lady Antebellum#39;s Charles

  • Doylem
    Feb 24, 03:54 AM
    The other posters are more diplomatic than me, but the adjectives say it all: "nice", mostly. Check out professional photography in those areas that interest you - landscape, wildlife, by the look of it - and see what top-class work looks like. And they get that quality of shot week in week out: so not only excellent, but consistently excellent.

    You need to tighten up on all aspects of your photography, and put 'pro' thoughts to one side until you can meet that quality threshold. Read books, I'd say, and online tutorials, and learn from shooting and being hyper-critical of your own work...

    charles kelley lady antebellum. Charles Kelley of Lady
  • Charles Kelley of Lady

  • Nipsy
    Sep 17, 07:56 PM
    Well, let's wait until somone receives one and tells us exactly what chip it is.

    If it a new G4, then it may better address DDR RAM. That, and the larger L2 cache, would be worth $500 to me.

    However, whether you'll utilize the power is dependent on what you do. Try going to an Apple store, and using their machines with the processor monitor open. Run what you would normally run each day.

    If you don't peg out both processors, then you don't need more machine. I always have 20 apps and 25 binaries running on top of the OS, so my processor is usually pegged at all times. I have a full load of RAM, and still get pageouts.

    For users who are doing office type work (web, mail, Office, etc.) the Dual 867 should be more than enough. For those working with audio, Photoshop, compilers, or running 24/7 services, the Dual Gig should be fine. If you want to do some rendering, run A LOT of services, are a video junkie, or just need to be the fastest, get the Dual 1.25.

    But don't buy anything until we hear some more about what's in the 1.25...


    charles kelley lady antebellum. Charles
  • Charles

  • tekkierich
    Feb 18, 10:55 AM
    Hi Guys & Gals,

    I'm going to make the jump to an Intel SSD this weekend to replace my stock 320GB (5400 RPM) Drive in the 2010 Mac Mini.

    Those of you that have actually done this, did you find that the Logic Board really needed to be shifted at all? I've been looking at the OWC installation Video and it would seem to me that the drive will lift out over the Logic Board without moving the board at all. It would mean that I would only have to detach the first SATA and two heat connectors. The least amount of connectors I have to pull the better I would assume. Also, I'm thinking that the black vinyl covering wrapped around the 320GB drive is there to protect the moving/electrical drive components on the bottom of the drive, which I would not need on the SSD. I know that I need/should replace the piece of tape to hold the heat sensor wire on the new SSD.

    Any help would be great.....:)

    2010 Mac Mini (2.4MHz - 8GB RAM Intel 80GB SSD(pending)) Air Port Extreme, 2TB Mini Stack External Dive, 16GB WiFi iPad, 32GB iPhone 3GS.

    I have not done an SSD per say, but I have made a little side business upgrading the hard drive on 2010 Mac Mini's and selling them on ebay. After having done 10 or so of these, yes you do need to pull the logic board out slightly. The hard drive will not lift up enough to give you the angle you need clear the logic board with out pulling it out.

    That said, only pull it out enough to see a small gap of air between the black beisl in the rear and the alum case.

    WRT the heat sensors... I have found that the smallest amount of rubber cement works well if you you loose the adhesive when transferring the sensor. 8/10 times you will have plenty of stick left though and wont need to add any.

    The black cover I have also assumed was there for air flow as well. If the SSD has a smooth surface, and no logic board to short, you probably can do away with it.

    charles kelley lady antebellum. Lady Antebellum New Artist of
  • Lady Antebellum New Artist of

  • GodBless
    Jan 25, 03:03 AM
    So - been using Mail for some time and today it started doing the wierdest thing. Everytime new mail arrives from the server it will register in my INBOX (with the little number showing new messages) but the instant I click the INBOX, all the new mail disappears. It doesn't go to trash or junk, it just vanishes. I have searched all over for it and can't find it.

    Try deleting your mail preference file in your home directory. I.e. the "com.apple.mail.plist" file in your /Users/"Home Directory"/Library/Preferences/ folder. Don't worry the file will replace itself. Deleting it just sets the application's preferences back to default. You might need to change your Mail application settings back to the way you want them and this might not solve your problem. I'd say give it a shot though. Deleting preference files seems to always solve problems I have with my applications. :D Remember the greatest risk is not taking one. If you don't compromise one thing you will always compromise another. I think deleting the preference file is the wise choice.

    Edit: BTW you might want to check and see if your "INBOX.mbox" file is in the Users/"Home Directory"/Library/Mail/"POP mail"/ folder. If it isn't then this might be why the Mail program is getting rid of your Mail. If this is the case I'd delete the POP account from the Mail application (accessible from the Mail preferences) and then put it on again. If the "INBOX.mbox" file is still missing then get back to me and I'll give you a few more troubleshooting tips.


    charles kelley lady antebellum. Lady Antebellum and Charles
  • Lady Antebellum and Charles

  • blueroom
    Apr 6, 09:56 AM
    OPs MacBook seems to have a busted shift key, would that qualify? I wonder who he has to show it to do get a new one?

    charles kelley lady antebellum. Charles kelley images
  • Charles kelley images

  • mjstew33
    Dec 6, 05:07 PM
    There is more to myspace then 13 year old girls dressing up like sluts and demanding comments.
    LOL I agree.


    charles kelley lady antebellum. Lady Antebellum#39;s Charles
  • Lady Antebellum#39;s Charles

  • Shebasher
    Oct 22, 04:16 PM
    I am interested in buying a new multifunction printer/scanner. I've seen a couple of posts talking about printers alone, but not together. The salesman at Best Buy was trying to get me to buy a EPSON Stylus Photo RX600. Has anyone bought and/or used this before?

    charles kelley lady antebellum. Charles Kelley Singers Charles
  • Charles Kelley Singers Charles

  • kirbyman100
    Mar 19, 10:27 PM
    Oh, thank you, but how do you get them?


    charles kelley lady antebellum. Charles e
  • Charles e

  • BigRedOne
    May 7, 01:35 AM
    I called Apple, they said it's most likely a graphics card failing (I agree).

    The weird thing is, is that 10-15 in while playing a game, it completely locks up, but the mouse cursor is movable (weird).

    You have to hold the power button to get it to work again. But once booted back into OS X, it's slow, and the screen flickers once, and then locks up again.
    The TechDoolDeluxe tests came back normal too....

    This only happens when gaming for about 10 mintues, and then the lock ups happen. (weird thing is mouse cursor is still movable)

    Any thoughts?

    charles kelley lady antebellum. Lady A frontman Charles Kelley
  • Lady A frontman Charles Kelley

  • MacDawg
    Nov 9, 06:11 PM
    Are they doing the ads the same way the nytimes has been doing the ads?

    Which hijack your screen every now and then for an ad -- before sending off to the link you clicked.

    I hate when that happens.
    Or when something is flying on your screen, like a giant kite.
    Those animated ads that hijack the screen are out of control!


    charles kelley lady antebellum. Images of charles kelley lady
  • Images of charles kelley lady

  • toxthexnines
    Oct 19, 10:42 AM
    I don't know if i am on friday but definately on saturday, i live in bartlesville but im going with a friend to a scion party on saturday so im sure to pick up a copy then.

    charles kelley lady antebellum. Members of Lady Antebellum
  • Members of Lady Antebellum

  • ErikCLDR
    Oct 20, 11:45 AM
    Maybe I'll go, I am not sure though, depends what I am doing.

    And West Farms technically is in Farmington, not West Hartford. I know it gets confusing- West Hartford, Farmington, and New Britain. Kinda like that blur of Simsbury, Canton, and Avon.


    charles kelley lady antebellum. Lady Antebellum#39;s Charles
  • Lady Antebellum#39;s Charles

  • cubist
    Mar 20, 09:21 AM
    We are in a time of transition. Soon, there will be dozens of USB/DVI KVMs which work perfectly. At this time, though, KVMs are mostly VGA/PS2.

    You can get adapters which convert PS2 to USB and the other way quite cheaply. I've used an old Master Console for years this way. I must note, however, that I wasn't able to get the Apple keyboard to talk to the Master Console with a USB-to-PS2 adapter. Newer models may work better.

    The best bet might be to use one of the little $90 jobs temporarily, and plan to get a new KVM in a year or two when better models are available. If you can't get the Apple KB to work thru an adapter, make sure you get a PS2 keyboard that has the Windows key, as that will become your cloverleaf key. F12 is eject.

    charles kelley lady antebellum. Lady Antebellum Homecoming
  • Lady Antebellum Homecoming

  • seb-opp
    Apr 17, 05:31 AM
    Should a mac pro server have less speed and more grunt, whereas a workstation have more speed and less grunt?

    Define 'grunt'


    charles kelley lady antebellum. JUNE 12: Charles Kelley,
  • JUNE 12: Charles Kelley,

  • Hellhammer
    Apr 12, 10:05 AM
    Won't work with OS X at least.

    Compatible with Windows XP 32/64, Vista 32/64, Windows 7 32/64


    charles kelley lady antebellum. charles kelley albums lady
  • charles kelley albums lady

  • DivineEvil
    May 2, 02:24 PM
    I use one of those cheap ones for more than an year! I'm very satisfied. Although I had to modify it a little bit it costed me about 10$.

    charles kelley lady antebellum. Add Lady Antebellum to the
  • Add Lady Antebellum to the

  • tsugaru
    May 7, 03:45 AM
    What's the difference anyway (besides of the brand)?

    Is one faster? more silent? more durable?

    Seagate has gone down in the last couple of years in terms of build quality and reliability. I have had nothing but good things to say about Western Digital drives.

    The current iMac 27" I have (the 3rd one I've received from Apple,) was fitted with a Seagate drive. I regret not keeping the first iMac I received with the cracked glass, as that had a Western Digital drive in it. The WD drive was much quieter. Performance is probably a wash, but I'll take the silence anyday, short of putting a Green/5x00rpm drive inside.

    I know the 2TB WD Caviar Blacks are fairly loud, but my new one is staying with a 1TB drive. Hope I get the WD.

    Nov 3, 10:33 PM
    MyPhotoAlbum looks good, free, decent interface and access to full rez pictures. Only problems is that you can't use it to host images and it doesn't have any Mac upload tools so that is a bit slower. I can deal with the slow uploading and maybe I could use a free flickr account to host images to put directly in my blog. Not a big fan of mixing and matching but if I want to go the free rout I doubt I have a choice.

    Thanks for the recommendations so far.

    Feb 14, 03:54 PM
    EDIT: This stil won't work because the only way to run this utility is AFTER the Setup Assistant finishes; I've never tried deleting the .AppleSetupDone file to re-run the setup assistant after al the relevant updates have been installed.Ahh true.

    Although starting from a fresh state, doing the software installs and updates and then just cleaning up the little bit created is easier than trying to clean up everythig the person might've created already.

    Another possibility is for lbodnar to do the OS Install and software restore. And then sit there with the friend while the friend goes through the registration and stuff and let the friend see how the software update works. And if anything else needs to be installed..do it then. Make it a full experience for the friend.

    Jun 5, 09:37 AM
    PM sent...Let me know :cool:

    Nov 1, 12:29 PM
    I guess I meant to say that "Apple Software" shouldn't be the *only* category something, say iTunes, should be in.

    [[Category: Audio]]
    [[Category: Apple Software]]

    that's just fine with me. I'm merely trying to avoid requiring that a new user know that "GarageBand" is Apple software, when all he may be interested in is some new Audio app to play around with.

    Sep 20, 04:15 PM
    Just less than 1MB for me.

    I like updates for Mac OS X.

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